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Support Groups

Social Skills Groups

In an effort to design a program which will truly benefit your child, we ask that you complete a social skills assessment prior to the first session. Completing this assessment will allow us to develop an individualized treatment strategy, which will prioritize your child’s needs and incorporate them into the existing social skills curriculum. Our groups are designed to enhance your child’s social awareness.  This program will introduce your child to new friends and challenge his/her ability to complete tasks independently as well as in a group setting.  Each session will have an exciting theme and specific area of concentration.  This program will also be cumulative and we will continue to build based on skills introduced in the first session. 

Tadpoles (ages 2-4):
Bullfrogs (ages 5-7): Wednesdays at 4:30pm
Leapfrogs (ages 8-11): Tuesdays at 5:30pm
Teen Group (ages 12-18): Mondays at 5pm

Parent Support Groups

The Hope Learning Center understands the importance of providing vital information and support to families. Parent Support Groups are an opportunity for families with mutual concerns to come together and provide information and emotional support.  Parents will have a chance to share their experiences, resources, effective treatment modalities, and mentor parents of newly diagnosed children.  Each session will focus on a specific topic depending on the interests/needs of the group.  Guest speakers and materials will be provided as they relate to the session topic. 

Sibling Support Groups 

Sibling Support Groups are also available to help siblings cope gracefully and effectively with the experience of having a brother or sister with autism.