Our Friends

Dr. Noah's ARC is a special program created by Dr. Noah Erickson, founder of the Innovative Family Wellness, that is specifically designed for families who would like to take a more natural, yet very proactive approach to treating their children with Autism. You can find out more about the program on our "About the Program" page.

See more at: www.drnoahsarc.com


Our mission: “Providing Alternative Solutions to Health and Recovery” is not limited to just children, but anyone interested in faith based, natural/organic, holistic, and/or alternative methods to an array of disorders and health problems.


The mission of the Miracle League of Southwestern PA (MLSWPA) is to provide the opportunity for children and adults with special needs a chance to experience playing baseball in a league-based environment. MLSWPA provides leadership and facilities for a baseball program for children and adults with special needs in a manner consistent with MLSWPA and community values. With a specially designed rubber turf field, MLSWPA makes dreams come true for children and adults who desire to play ball just like their brothers, sisters and friends. All Directors, Officers, affiliated local athletic associations and volunteers shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games is secondary, and the molding of future citizens is of prime importance.

See more at: http://mlswpa.org/

Fine Art Miracles

Art+ Social Robot Therapy

“Community facilitated art therapy classes combined with social robot therapy designed specifically for children on the autism spectrum to engage, inspire and enjoy!”