Supplemental Kindergarten

The Hope Learning Center is proud to offer a Supplemental Extended Day Kindergarten opportunity for your school district’s students. This academic based, extended day experience can assist students with making the transition to a full day of school. The optional, fee based program can be offered as a supplemental program to your already existing half day program or as a way for your district to reduce to a half day, but still offer the option of a full academic day to families.

Supplemental Kindergarten Program

Research has shown repeatedly that children who take part in a full-day Kindergarten Program demonstrate strong academic advantages that can jump start their academic career. There are enormous advantages in offering such a program to a child. Not only does the comprehensive early learning continuum boost a child’s cognitive learning, but it also has been shown to advance creative problem solving and social competence.

Studies that have followed children who attended a full-day program found that children excel in math and reading as much as 50% more by the time they reach third grade. Part of the advantages of a supplemental program (in conjunction with half-day kindergarten) is the ability to provide children with child-initiated and informal activities which promote socialization, independent learning opportunities, self-confidence, and problem solving skills.

When done in a safe, comfortable setting with knowledgeable providers, a supplemental kindergarten program provided by The Hope Learning Center would build upon the strong learning initiatives currently in place for the children. Together we can support the kindergarten children to making great strides in academic and individual achievements.

By providing a Supplemental Kindergarten Program directly to the students, the school district would be able to appease families who are in favor of a full-day kindergarten, create fewer transitions for the children, and eliminate some bus transportation options. The Hope Learning Center teachers would have the opportunity to support the high quality education already taking place in the half-day programs provided in the district.

Our Supplemental Kindergarten Program will provide

    • A strong emphasis on language development and appropriate pre-literacy experiences
    • A balance of independent, small, and large group activities
    • Hands-on learning
    • Gross motor play
    • Assessment of the student’s progress through observation and parent conferences
    • Lesson plans developed by certified teachers in accordance with the Pennsylvania Learning Standards
    • Encouragement for the children to be the best they can be while interacting with their peers in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment