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Hope Academy is a privately licensed K-12 school serving students on the autism spectrum, as well as children with learning disabilities, social/emotional impairments, and other developmental delays for whom the traditional public school environment is not equipped to support. Our administrators, educators, and paraprofessional staff are uniquely qualified to provide academic, behavioral, and emotional support in a small, personal, classroom setting across all three of our campuses.

Full School Day

Hope Academy offers full-time or supplemental academic placement that addresses the multivariate needs of students on the Autism spectrum, as well as students struggling with learning disabilities and wide-ranging social/emotional disturbance. In partnership with the local school district, we provide academic placement to students from multiple school districts throughout western Pennsylvania. Our students receive necessary academic and therapeutic supports from our expert staff during the traditional school year and throughout our Extended School Year (ESY) programming and summer camps.

Related Services

Throughout the school day, and for the duration of the school year, Hope Academy provides the necessary related services to help students succeed within their academic environment. Services are determined by the IEP team and may include Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counseling, and Behavior Intervention.

Individual Remediation

The Individualized Education Program for each student is developed in conjunction with school district educators and administrators, parents, advocates, case managers, and therapists, and is carried out, with fidelity, by our committed instructors and assistants. Hope Academy provides Autistic Support, Learning Support, Life Skills, and Emotional Support program options. With continuity in mind, Hope Academy also offers a six week Extended School Year program that allows us to reach our existing students and many more families who receive our services only in the summer months.

Licensure and Leadership

As private-licensed school K-12 school, Hope Academy operates under the authority of The Pennsylvania Department of Education. Our school leadership team boasts decades of experience in both public and private school special education. With the help of multiple 1:1 paraprofessionals and classroom aides, each of our highly-engaging instructional environments supports up to eight students with special needs.

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Our Three Locations