Outpatient Therapy, School, ABA Services and Early Learning Center

It is imperative for children to have access to all the services, therapies, and academic programs that will assist them in developing to their full natural potential and allow for the transition to success; yet most models do not meet this need. Through our 10 years of experience in the field of pediatric therapy, specialized education and early childhood education we have redesigned the service model to meet the needs of each child.

At The Hope Learning Center, we offer an all inclusive approach by providing a multidisciplinary team of experts that will assess and create an individualized treatment plan for every child. We will take on all of the needs of your child from evaluations to treatment, academics to childcare at one convenient location. At The Hope Learning Center we allow parents the opportunity to take control of their child’s future.

Opening Fall 2018!

The Hope Learning Center Conway Campus will offer numerous services including:

Pediatric Outpatient Therapy

Hope Academy - Privately Licensed Academic School

Early Learning and Preschool Services


Santa will be coming to The Hope Learning Center in Wexford on Thursday, December 13th to take pictures and visit with all the kids!

This is a family friendly event with proceeds benefiting The Hope for Autism Foundation.